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Present your Power BI content and corporate visual identify in unison to the world. A premium user experience centered around your brand.

With our white-labelled platform you can manage all aspects from the look and feel to the URL. Get started as easy as 1-2-3 and get value instantly.

1. Integrate with Power BI

Register a Power BI app and setup your Power BI integration in Xperience allowing you to see workspaces and Power BI content to get started.

2. Setup and configure

Setup your team, the look and feel you want users to experience at login and start to create users with appropriate roles and privileges.

3. Share with your audience

Add relevant Power BI content (reports & dashboards) to users and control various settings per user (e.g. navigation, filters etc.).

Complete control

Make it your own

Take full advantage of the platform capabilities to customize the look and feel of how the portal and Power BI content are presented to your audience.

... ...
... ...

Includes both a light and dark theme

Xperience comes with fully configurable light and dark mode to support all your white-labelling needs and allow users to set their preferred mode.

Light mode is a modern, refreshing and no-clutter user experience that makes your content pop and is the default mode.

Light mode

Dark mode is highly versatile and flexible and easy on the eyes as well as the environment and can be used across the platform.

Dark mode
Xperience Power BI

Build for enterprises
with one simple purpose.

Using our unified innovative platform you can share Power BI content and data products professionally with key clients, customers, strategic partners and vendors like never before.

Enterprise ready.

You are already using Power BI* and want to collaborate with partners outside the organization.

Customer centric design.

Easily and intuitively share key content in a fast, controlled and reliable way across organizations.

Build with a security first approach.

Data is encrypted at all states and you control your Power BI content, it never leaves your PBI workspaces.

Brand it with your own visual identity.

Take full control of the platform and Power BI content and how they are presented to your audience.

* Microsoft requires a Premium capacity to embed Power BI
You can however test the platform using Power BI Pro

All in one enterprise solution

A feature rich platform to share insights.

More features included with Xperience for enterprises.

Embed Power BI content

No need for Power BI Pro licenses

Easily embed Power BI content

Immersive user experience

Up and running in minutes

Supports white-labeling

Use your custom URL / domain

Skin with your visual identity

Your company look and feel

Raise your brand awareness

Management & security

Authenticate with azure AD login

12 enterprise auth. providers

36+ social auth. providers

Zero maintenance

Xperience enterprise pricing.

All types of businesses are different, so we provide options on how to use the service. Feel free to contact us for more information.

DKK 4.999 /mo

100 users included

1 team included

Up to 100 users or team admins

Unlimited Power BI integrations

Free upgrades with new features

Standard support included

Try it for free (pay later)


For very large teams and enterprises we offer a range of premium services like a dedicated contact person, support of your needs, on-site training etc.

Get in touch with us for pricing and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

Contact us

Can I really try it for free?

Yes, we do not require payment card information to try the solution so you can simply sign-up and try it out for free – no strings attached.


Can I use Xperience for my clients?

Absolutely, Xperience allows you to share Power BI content with as many organizations and users you may require. Additional cost may apply (+100 users).


How are my data secured?

We secure all endpoints with AES256 bit encryption, which means that your data is secured with the same encryption level as online banking solutions.


Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can change your subscription at the end of the current billing period. Please contact the intellify team to get help with your plan.


Do I get free updates?

Yes, all users are automatically updated as part of our continuous improvements and extensions of the Xperience platform.


What if I need more users?

It is easy to upgrade your subscription to include more users and we only charge for active users. Contact us for further information and offers at info@intellify.dk.


Can I get a discount?

We are currently offering a 20 percent discount on annual subscription plans. Please note that you are billed up front on all plans.


How am I invoiced?

We offer monthly and annual payment via account to account transfer and soon Visa, Master Card, American Express and JCB.

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Xperience - save time and money.

Focus on your core competencies and let us give your audience a branded premium experience. Try Xperience it is cheaper, faster, easier, better, more intuitive and you are in complete control of everything.

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