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Cost Analytics for Azure Cost Management

Run your Azure resources and infrastructure cost-optimized and take back control of Azure spending.

Rightsize Azure spending with intellify Cost Analytics and obtain an updated overview for your tenant, subscriptions, resource groups and resources continuously.

Unlock Azure Cost Analytics for your team

intellify Cost Analytics empowers your team to act on Azure cost insights and take proactive and appropriate actions based on Azure resource usage and cost data, to detect and correct cost issues.

Identify top cost drivers

Quickly see the impact of subscriptions, resource groups, and resources on your total Azure costs.

Resource cost optimization

Detect anomalies and identify unusual spikes in your azure spending so you can save money.

Actuals vs. budget & forecast

Utilize budget data and forecasting to be in control of your resources and prevent overspending proactively.


Collaborate and share
key cost insights across your business.

Contextual intelligence for your teams to understand how decisions affects cost and bottom line.

Increase cost awareness

Easily share insights with anyone in or outside your organization – engineers, managers, finance etc.

Improve cost accountability

Use insights to drive organizational behavioral change and accountability through cost transparency.

Cost Intelligence

the build and run cost of your business and products.

Use the included standard reports or create and share your own custom reports to understand cost distribution by various options like tenant, resource group, resources. Use your own tags for extended options like business units, teams, products, features, environments etc. —you can use any tag that makes sense for how your business is organised.

Best Practice guide

Tag your Azure resources for even more value

Use Azure tags for resources and resource groups seamlessly with intellify Cost Analytics to get even better insights in a familiar context. Find inspiration in our best practice guide on how to get started with a consistent tag strategy.

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Cost Control

Identify opportunities to reduce Azure cost

Use intellify Cost Analytics to baseline cost, spending and identify potential overspending to continuously optimize cost management and save money.

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Integreation guide

Integrate with Cost Analytics in three easy steps

1. Setup application registration: Create a Service Principal application in your Azure AD Tenant.
2. Grant access: Add Service Principal application to Cost Management Reader Role.
3. Configure integration: Integrate Principal Application with intellify ACM Service.

Read our quick guide below.

Integration guide
Cost Optimization

Build for enterprises
to stay in control of cost.

Move seamlessly between high-level overviews to individual resources through drilldowns all the way to detailed status and performance views of individual resources. Analyze key metrics to locate cost optimization opportunities.

Instant insights into your Azure cost

Out-of-the box reports and insights available within minutes of integrating with Azure*.

Create custom reports and share them

Build your own reports for any level of your organization with context relevant cost metrics.

Reduce cost of Azure resources

Obtain quick wins by identifying resources that have little or no usage to minimize costs.

Empower all your teams

Invite anyone from e.g. IT Operations, Engineers, Developers, Business Owners, Finance or C-level.

* To successfully configure the integration you need to have Azure administrator privileges.

All in one enterprise cost analytics solution

A feature rich platform to share insights.

More features included with the intellify Cost Analytics.

Azure Cost Management data

Cost data

Budget data

Cost forecast data

Consumption data

Advanced Azure Cost Analytics

Timeseries analytics

Drill-down analysis

Actual vs. budget

Tags utilization

Management & security

Authenticate with azure AD login

Easy team and user management

Everything included in the service

Zero maintenance

intellify Cost Analytics pricing.

All types of businesses are different, so we provide options on how to use the service. Feel free to contact us for more information.

DKK 749 /mo

5 users included

1 team included

Up to 5 users or team admins

1 Azure Cost Mgmt. integration

Free upgrades with new features

Standard support included

Try it for free (pay later)


For very large teams and enterprises we offer a range of premium services like a dedicated contact person, support of your needs, on-site training etc.

Get in touch with us for pricing and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

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Can I really try it for free?

Yes, we do not require payment card information to try the solution so you can simply sign-up and try it out for free – no strings attached.


Can I share with anyone?

Absolutely, Cost Analytics allows you to share insights and content with as many teams, organizations and users you may require. Additional cost may apply (+5 users).


How are my data secured?

We secure all endpoints with AES256 bit encryption, which means that your data is secured with the same encryption level as online banking solutions.


Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can change your subscription at the end of the current billing period. Please contact the intellify team to get help with your plan.


Do I get free updates?

Yes, all users are automatically updated as part of our continuous improvements and extensions of the Xperience platform.


What if I need more users?

It is easy to upgrade your subscription to include more users and we only charge for active users. Contact us for further information and offers at info@intellify.dk.


Can I get a discount?

We are currently offering a 20 percent discount on annual subscription plans. Please note that you are billed up front on all plans.


How am I invoiced?

We offer monthly and annual payment via account to account transfer and soon Visa, Master Card, American Express and JCB.

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