Realize Digital Potential

Use data & pervasive insights, take action and gain a competitive edge

Develop significant digital advantages with intellify. Fusing Analytics, strategy, processes and people with powerful abilities to execute for the catalyzation of exponential results.

Quick Results Delivered

Accelerate time-to-market for BI & Analytics initiatives exponentially with intellify.

We are specialists taking into account all 360° of building successful BI and Analytics solutions from start to finish, focusing on people, processes, technology, strategy and results.

Exponential Development

Turbo charge your BI & anlytics initiatives and create results at unrivaled speed.

BI & Analytics Strategy

Establish and execute a BI & analytics strategy that delivers a competetive advantage.


Create an analytics organization that can deal with future opportunities and challenges.


Optimize your operations of BI & analytics solutions through the utilization of DevOps.

Convert Strategy into Action

We connect people, processes, technology and data so BI & analytics initiatives become lasting and transformative changes which enables the realization of strategic objectives.

From analysis and insight to strategic objectives with the tools to take action and create results.

Analysis & Insight

Utilize data as a competitive advantage

We enable companies to analyze their data and create better insights - To make smarter decisions that have a greater impact on their business.

Strategic objectives

Create transparency from strategy to operation

We build solutions that enable strategic performance based on analytical data - making it easy to connect goals with daily execution.

Action &

Realize tangible benefits from digital transformation

We remove barriers and deliver BI and Analytics solutions where data is a strategic asset - making it easy to create long-term results.

Agile Delivery Mindset

At intellify agile is not just a method or post-its on a board. Agile is a state of being and we believe that it unlocks true potential and talent if applied correctly.

Full Transparency

We develop BI / Analytics solutions in direct collaboration with business users as fast as possible and with full transparency rather than traditional waterfall / stage gate project methods with sequential focus.

Better Utilization

We listen to what business users requests and customize our solution so it is always relevant through incremental releases of new / critical features which create better adoption and utilization.

More Business Value

We create better business value through drastically reduced time-to-market, as the solutions can be used throughout the development / refinement phase rather than after a 'big bang go live'.

Less Risk

We minimize risks through continuous improvement by using feedback loops from business users - avoiding big bang deliveries that do no longer meet business requirements once completed.

We deliver all types of Analytics

We operate across all analytics paradigms and provide valuable guidance for when which type of solution is relevant in the context of your business.


Classic descriptive reports and analysis of "what has happened" (retrospective).

Internal data, relative small amount of data and structured data.

Focus on support of local teams of Business Analysts.

Frequently used as part of internal decision support and process analysis.


New opportunities with greater focus on forecasts and simulation of what-if scenarios.

Large amount of data, unstructured data and both internal and external sources.

Data science as a disciplin is more common in a growning number of companies.

Creation of data-based products and services.


A seamless mix of traditional analytics and big data focusing on automation.

Analytics integrated in operations; data and information as a strategic asset.

New organizational structures focusing on fast and agile delivery of insights.

Embedded analytics in decision making and operational processes.

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